Oops, Part 45…

Wasn’t able to post earlier due to internet issues. I’ll have a full post up today.


Some Pictures Of The New Library In My Town Because Why Not

In a post just a bit ago, I talked about my background with libraries and the fact that my hometown has moved its library into a new building. I took the time yesterday to tour the place with my daughter. First impressions; very airy and bright, with plenty of places to sit and read. And, I managed to figure out the automatic checkout as well.


I think I promised to take some pictures of the new place when I got there. Well, here they are. Enjoy. I personally am looking forward to more reading and book fines in the times to come. 🙂

WOTA wants your poems!

Don’t usually do this, but I wanted to help out my local writing group. 🙂

Writers on the Avenue

Writers on the Avenue is holding a poetry contest for residents of Muscatine and adjacent counties, with prizes available in three categories: adult, teen (13-17), and youth (12 and under). The first prize in the adult category is $25. The deadline for submission is March 30, 2018.

Send 5 poems or up to 5 pages of unpublished work along with a cover sheet listing your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, category, and titles or first line(s) of poems to this email address, or mail to WOTA Poetry Contest, 2614 Imperial Oaks Drive, Muscatine, IA 52761. There is no entry fee.

All entries will be considered for publication in a winners’ anthology tentatively titled  From River to River. Complete contest rules are listed below.

If you are not a resident eligible for the contest, but would still like to submit your work for consideration for the anthology, or…

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Writing Journal, 11.19.2017: A victim of circumstances, but still a decent effort

OK. Overall, not the best week, but a better week than two weeks ago.

The totals:

+2,938 words written.

Days writing:  6 out of 7.

Daily writing goals met (500+ words): 5 out of 7 days.

Underperformed expectations, but part of it was that I had a computer crash last night and my computer took all night to run diagnostics to figure out what was up. (It’s up and running now). I am liking my consistency but not my output. This Thanksgiving break will get me ahead of the game, I am hoping.


Writing Journal, 8/20/2017

Well, I started in-service work this week, and… the production dropped a little bit. Not a massive amount, for sure, but at least a little amount. I think if I had a better Saturday of writing (by which I mean that I should have actually written), the total would be better. I got distracted yesterday, but I think I can manage it easier now.

So, the totals.

No words reviewed, (this means that I looked over the words for possible revision, adding/cutting/changing material).

2,277 words written.

Days writing: 5 out of 7 days writing fiction.

So, that’s it for now. Back at it today.